Travel – the word has several connotations. For some, it unveils a stage of exuberance and for some, it appears a task that they are supposed to attempt.
What is sad to believe is that we live in an upsetting society. Every individual is fighting his own battle, be it personal, social or professional. To overcome those battles, to feed your soul with happiness, or to put yourself out there; everything seems like a battle to the masses who are too tired to live or are extremely stressed.

Taj Mahal one of the top 10 places to visit in India

10 Places to visit in North India

When you decide to visit North India, you’ve got a lot on your plate to cover. The Northern region of India is a superb blend of hypnotizing high peaks of Himalayan ranges and religious sites. Be it a weekend getaway for youngsters, a honeymoon destination or a family outing, North India has so much to offer.
green trees and god Ganesha, places to visit in south india

9 Places to visit in South India

South India – an undeniable bundle of magnificence and beauty. The map of the Southern part of India includes the states like Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Telangana.

The Family of Seven Sister States of India

North East India is an unmatched paradise on the planet. Indian tourism takes pride in introducing the seven sister states as an authentic treasure where you earn an experience which is not even an inch closer to what it’s like while traversing the mainland. The family of seven sister gems consists of states like Meghalaya, Assam, Manipur, Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram, Nagaland, and Tripura.
Rajasthan Indian State

Seven Splendours of Rajasthan

Explore India at its most exotic and colorful length by visiting Rajasthan. The “R” in Rajasthan is known for Royalty. The land of Maharajas, colossal forts, and bejewelled palaces is an architect’s dream. Everything that pops in one’s mind while planning a trip to India can be found in Rajasthan – camels, elephants, national parks, culture, deserts, forts, palaces, and fairs.
view of Barcelona Street

5 Stunning spots in Spain

Spain is an impeccable blend of bright beaches, coastal towns, and magnificent countryside. The “s” in Spain summons the essence of sun, sand, sangrias, and siestas in the air of Spain. There is absolutely no dearth of unique places to visit in Spain. Coated immensely in culture and with an abundance of history to unravel, Spain is the ideal destination for a European getaway.
Travel Problems and their Solutions

Travel Problems and their Solutions

Pajamas and Netflix are good but have you ever tried travelling as an escape from realities of life? That is chill! However, every coin has two facets. Although travelling to a dream destination can be a memorable journey, there’s always a possibility that something could turn out badly.
Balloon trip in Turkey

Trip to Turkey

Turkey has consistently been known for Mediterranean scintillation and appetizing cooking, and now its economic feasibility is making the heaven land sultrier than any time in recent memory. Turkey is home to heaps of intriguing and delightful spots where the scenic amalgamation of history, nature, and culture expresses its magnificence exclusively.

Europe is Always a Good Idea

Do you wish to explore the most entrancing places to visit in Europe, however, don’t have the foggiest idea where to begin? From being a land of cobblestone streets to carrying a rich cultural history deep in its heart, Europe offers you countless opportunities to explore your horizons.
Inexpensive ways to Travel

Inexpensive ways to Travel

The itch to wander, the thirst of treasuring experiences and zest to explore the world, all when catered in the right amount and poured into the cauldron of spontaneous planning, beget the passion of traveling. Don’t let the travel bug in you suffer. Exploring the wider perspective of our guiding mantra, “Travel more and Spend Less”, White Magic Travels is all set to help you secure cheap holiday packages which are not only cost-ineffective but extravagant in their flavor.
Dubai skyline reflection at amazing night, Dubai, United Arab EmiratesWhite Magic Travels

Experiencing the Dynamic Dubai

Dubai is a city of superlatives, from being the foundation of the world’s tallest tower to owning the world’s largest mall, every inch of its space is incredible. It is recognized across the globe for its ultramodern architecture, lively nightlife, and luxurious shopping.Dubai is not only dazzling leisure to the eyes but also a hub for delicious food and stupendous adventure. The UAE is regarded as the world’s second safest country by the World Economic Forum, which adds another positive point for its tourists.