Primates Tour

Primates Tour

Combining a cultural holiday with unforgettable outdoor adventures, this special White Magic Travels Travels tour features trekking in Sri Lanka amidst verdant forest landscapes, giving you the chance to see endemic and native primates living wild & free.

13 Nights / 14 Days

Your journey with us starts at the airport itself as our representative will be there to pick you up and transfer you to your Dambulla hotel. In the evening you will be visiting the World Heritage Site and Sri Lanka’s largest preserved cave temple complex, the majestic Dambulla Cave Temple. Here you will be seeing 200 magnificently carved statues of the Buddha, late Sri Lankan kings, Gods and Goddesses of which includes a gigantic carved image of the Buddha that stands at an impressive 14 metres in height. The temple also known as the Golden Temple has a glorious array of beautiful murals that cover 2,000 square metres in the area.

Indulge in a healthy breakfast and set out to conquer the 8th Wonder of the World! A cultural hike to Sigiriya, a spectacular rock fortress built by warrior King Kasyapa, is a mind-blowing tour that consists of 3 stages- A walk through the beautiful water gardens that are architectural marvels, the impressive greeting of Giant Lion Paws and the thrilling climb thereafter and finally the spectacular panoramic view from 660 ft high! A hearty lunch and then it’s off to Polonnaruwa for an exciting nocturnal adventure in search of the adorable yet endangered primate, the Grey slender loris who is listed on the IUCN Red List of World’s endangered species.

Begin your journey in the early hours of the morning to a city of many marvels. Magnificent ruins, giant reservoirs and vibrant wildlife await you at Polonnaruwa. Founded by King Vijayabahu I and brought to its golden age by the Great King Parakramabahu I, Polonnaruwa is renowned for its superb architectural ruins as they are of both ancient Sinhalese and Hindu origins due to the Chola invasions, Brahminism and the Sinhala sovereignty. The ruins are also home to 3 types of primates- the Toque monkey (Macaca sinica sinica), Northern purple-faced leaf monkey (Trachypithicus vetelus philbricki) and Grey langur (Trachypithicus priam).

Evening time is perfect for some bird watching at an island in the mighty Parakrama Samudra, while at night the search for primates such as the Grey slender loris and other mammals such as the Ring-tailed civet, Golden palm civet, Mouse deer and a range of rodent species continues on.

After a morning meal, meet a primatologist to learn more about the fascinating world of primates. Learning the expert ways of observation, methodology, techniques and identification will help you understand the ecology and behaviour of these little creatures.

A leisurely stroll around the compound at noon will give you the chance to meet a prehistoric relative of the deer family! You will be able to see several species of the tiny and elusive mouse-deer who are the smallest of hoofed animals in the world.

In the early hours of the morning, set out to the Land of the Bears, which is the translation of the name Wasgamuwa, a national park which is not only home to one of the largest populations of sloth bears in the country but also of the majestic Asian elephants and the unique Sri Lankan Leopards.

After your midday meal starts the exploration of the national park. The Wasgamuwa National park situated on the northern border of the Knuckles mountain range is rich in flora and fauna of Sri Lanka's intermediate zone. A safari here will give you the chance to spot the abundant wildlife which consists of over 20 mammal species, 143 species of birds, 17 reptiles, 50 butterflies, 150 plants and many more.

When night falls at the park, sit around a warm campfire with your fellow explorers and relive your adventures amidst the jungle rhythms of the croaking of frogs, the calls of insects and the distinctive sound of the Brown Fish Owl.

When the sun rises over the beautiful Knuckles Range, travel via Matale to the regal city of Kandy. On the way, at Deenston you can spot the Horned lizard (aka the Dumbara pygmy lizard) or the shy Bear monkey (Montane race of Purple-faced leaf monkey). Before you reach your destination you will also visit a spice garden for lunch followed by a relaxing massage.

At Kandy you will be in leisure. Here, you can pay homage to the tooth relic of the Buddha at the magnificent Temple of the Tooth Relic and thereafter walk along the serene Kandy Lake. The ravishing Royal Botanic Gardens is perfect for a most pleasurable stroll.

Travel to the cool, salubrious hills of Sri Lanka, along winding tracks, passing surreal scenes of waterfalls and tea plantations. Travelling by train is the best way to get to Nuwara Eliya, the tea capital of Sri Lanka. As it resembles an old English town, Nuwara Eliya is fondly referred to as ‘Little England’.

Visit the Hakgala Botanical Gardens in the evening and catch glimpses of its many resident species of highland flora and fauna. If you visit there during the migratory season you will be able to spot the vivid Kashmir red breasted flycatcher, Pied thrush, other migratory birds and other rare species. Dinner is the vibrant local food which has South Indian influence due to the fact that the majority of the locals are Tamil.

Following a hearty morning meal, travel to Horton Plains a beautiful plateau of montane grassland and cloud forest. Here you will see many numbers of the noble Sambur Deer which lets out a distinctive belling when it is startled.

Want to travel to the end of the world? World’s End is a precipice of about 4000 ft situated within Horton Plains. During your hike to the precipice you will be able to spot many species of highland flora and fauna such as the endemic Sri Lanka pygmy lizard and the Rhino horned lizard.

On your way back visit the sparkling Bakers Falls which is infested with Rainbow Fish who were introduced to the plains by British sportsmen for fly-fishing. The plains were once a historical settlement and modern-day excavations have revealed that Horton Plains once had fields of barley and other grains which were the staple diet of the ancient Sri Lankan man.

At evening time, take a romantic stroll along the banks of the picturesque Gregory Lake.

They say life’s a climb but the view is great, and after a climb to Sri Lanka’s tallest waterfall, ‘Bambara Kanda’ this will become even more clearer as the arduous journey ends giving you a panoramic view of the spectacular surroundings where you will be able to see the soaring Black, Mountain hawk and Serpent eagles.

If you need a relaxing foot massage after the tedious climb, dip your feet in the cool water and feel the soothing and harmless nibbling of the Small stone sucker fish. At night you will be able to hear the unmistakable screech of the Red loris who is an endemic primate that’s seen commonly in Sri Lanka’s wet zone.

In the early hours of the morning set out to Deniyaya, a town located on the edges of the Sinharaja Jungle. After some daytime relaxing, you can engage in bird watching and a night time safari where the Slender loris, Golden palm civet and the lesser flying squirrel can be caught sight of.

With the crowing of Sri Lanka’s national bird, Ceylon Junglefowl, in the background set out to witness a natural phenomenon called the ‘Bird Wave’ where birds of several species feed together. Here you will also be able to see the white form of the Purple-faced leaf monkey who was mentioned in the memoirs of Robert Knox. This species of monkey can only be seen in the Deniyaya area of the wet zone.

Early morning set out to the vibrant and vivacious city of Galle, the "Gateway to the South". Once fortified by the Portuguese, Dutch and the British, Galle is one of Sri Lanka’s best preserved Colonial towns. Visit Galle Fort, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that houses many quaint, Colonial buildings, up market boutique hotels and restaurants.

Journey to Kanneliya, the largest of the KDN (Kanneliya-Dediyagala-Nakiyadeniya) Forest Complex. This reserve is recognized as one of the most biologically diverse areas in Sri Lanka and in the world. In addition to seeing feeding flocks and the rare Sri Lankan Spur fowl, you will also get to see many beautiful waterfalls here. There are two hiking trails that will take you deep into the forest. If you take the Kabbale Mountain trail you can see stunning panoramic views at its peak while the “Narangas Ella” trail will give you the chance to see many species of butterflies, dragonflies, insects, reptiles, amphibians and many other large vertebrates.

Evening time is beach time.

End the tour by transferring to the Bandaranaike International Airport for departure.

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